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Main Owners

13 EKAT Lords and Miranda


All AAEFs and Trusted Allied leaders


EKAT members and ally members.


Random people not in EKAT or ally clans.


Some GSA and people who fight in chat.


Spammers and people who start a fight in the chat. GSA + Allys.


87 thoughts on “Chat

  1. How To Ban Yourself On the Chat:
    1. Open an incognito window and a regular window ( Google Chrome )
    2. Make sure you’re logged in to your Xat on the Incognito window
    3. Join the chat as your Xat in the Incognito window
    4. Join the chat as a guest in the regular window
    5. Ban the guest you have on the regular window for 6 hours – forever
    6. On the Incognito window sign out then back in
    7. Wait until someone un-ban’s you and then lol at your success :3

  2. Shit, stop thinking about im a spy, im not a fucking spy,i have defected to this clan cuz gsa are bichting bichtes, fuck you all for thinking something who inst the truht.

  3. Miranda can i atleast not get banned. Sonic challenged me to a battle and everytime I TRY to talk to him about it i get banned.

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  5. HELLO EKAT’S!!!!! I here by annouce that you should look for my comments on GAR’s posts, like look for them! Then you can post on EKAT’s home page what you think! It plays a important role in EKAT, there maybe 6 or 7….Happy hunting 😛

  6. gsa are allways cockly shits today i was kiling gsa a gsa say to me stop and he say i want gsa and ekat stop fighting and i kill gsa then i got kick like i was kick right in the asshole like what the f**k

  7. Y do u hate swat and other clans can u plz stop it and if not things will get,out of hand so stop I’m warning u and stop starting wars and imprizoning people alright

  8. Listen. Stop being so rude and go get a life alright? Some of the players here are young and they don’t wanna learn from the likes of you so why don’t you train your little hands to type more appropriately ‘for I break you fingers off understand? You better not be more rude.

  9. *1 Year in the future when the [EKAT] Site is*

    H-e-l-l-o L-o-w-e-r B-e-i-n-g-s?

    Lol Joking.

    ay yoyo *[EKAT]Professor was here
    am su paro su dun crei wen am keel u k?

    • This site is a fkin time capsule, i like reading through all the old narbs comments, but in a year i’ll be the old narb…
      am su paro su dun crei wen am keel u k?

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