Going to repost what Miguel sent me for authentication reasons. Sorry, I told him to lie about having any contact with me.

To save a forest, one must burn it.”


I as the Leader and only member of EKAT – declare it alive. Not where you are. Not discord. Not PB2 or any of its incoming series. Maybe one day? But in other games. In other places. I was warned that I cannot recreate what was made in 2011. That I cannot recreate the events that transpired in 2011-forth.

What I can recreate is a family. Not with the same people. No one is replaceable. But I can recreate the same bonds with different people. I have that right. I was given the role as Leader. Not you. You don’t get to decide the authenticity of EKAT’s state. Especially the ones who killed it. Especially the ones who betrayed it. Especially the ones who buried it.

I will carry the lore, the spirit, the love and the remains of what this clan once was to somewhere else. I will carry its name. I already did.

‘It’s only the end if you quit. Since 2011.’


That basically cuts of any old EKATs from being part of the new EKAT. I wish I could be there for the new one. I probably will.

To those who I left on good terms, I hope you forgive me for leaving.

I was reading Rogues new post on ekatheadquarters.wordpress.com and wow. Those who feel like EKAT was a dying animal that needed a killing are wrong. It needed healing, it was still “young” relative to some clans. Its like it was a happy child who did a lot of raids,


then took pics for morale. Parties too,

and alot of 1v1s by xlr. I also did some too but cant find mine.

and a buttload of propaganda generated by me against GSA. Leading site attacks and such. What did the new EKAT Leaders do anyway other than make laws that governed EKAT’s little chatroom? Yeah it went from The Greatest Electrifying clan in pb2 with superb activity to chatting in chatrooms just chatting away with key members dropping every now and then. Do I thank tethy? What did she do anyways?

Me and Miguel realized that restoration to that age is impossible when people think we are the same person. Thats why the cutting of the old members is necessary.

A new start.

Why should I let Miguel continue EKAT?

Random person: “Just let it go, geesh.”

Theres no good reason to say no. Rogue is correct that it will not be like the old and original EKAT. Maybe because its going to be better. Miguel doesn’t need the original members to create a clan bubbling with activity, friendship, passion and love.

All I have left to say is..





Where will it end nickman?

Nickman, that post you made, was so stupid of you! Did you at least ask any of these good people for the info?? These are good people.

The Myth

TaticalCat If you do go back to the GSA, I want to thank you for making our chat a promoted one. And for being our friend..  *hugz*

TheChosenOne if you do go back to the GSA, I want to say thank you. You saw our point of view. *hugz*

RogueCommander if you do go back to the GSA, I can honestly say that you have a gift. You fight people with words, I have to admit. It sometimes hard to respond to your comments.

Hawkeye if you do go back to the GSA, I want to say.. that you were a true friend to my members and to others. *hugz*

CrimsonSun if you do go back to the GSA, I want to say.. Even thou your related to the prophets, You took time to be with us… kinda cool. 😉 *hugz*

Anvil I know you were spying on us in the first round.. but this time seemed like your last. Prove me wrong and Ill say: Ok, you can return back… with 617 in the ungrateful GSA. *hugs*

TheMyth you never really got able to associate with us. e.e but I still thank you for looking at our point of view! *hugz*

Shepard123… going back to the GSA is betrayal to your own, You hate EKAT because GSA hates EKAT, but what about your ownself? Bye friend. *hugs*

Inferno00.. Gimme a hug! You are who want to be.. ok its your decisions to leave or not, hopefully GSA does not do that for you. *Hugz*

IF you do stay with us, Ill hug you to death! :3 Ok well.. I guess this is a goodbye.. 😦 If you do go back to the GSA, Please tell me. I dont want my member list to be a record of everyone who joined EKAT and there old ranks.. unlike GSA. *hugs everyone who are about to leave*